Industrial Air Conditioners in South Africa

 Industrial Air CleanersMaintaining productivity in work areas subjected to elevated dirt, temperature and corrosion levels is made easier with locally manufactured air conditioners from Safurnco. These are ruggedly built units which deliver a cooling capacity of 3.5Kw at 60C.

Features include:

Safurnco Industrial Air Cleaners

  • Quick and easy maintenance so that the self contained or split model can be serviced from inside the installation area.
  • Wide fin spacing allows for maintenance-free operation in dirty environments.
  • Reliable compressor which is belt-driven.
  • Voltage AC380 or 525/3/50Hz
  • Highly competitive price and can modified to suit almost any customer’s needs.

The units can be installed in crane cabs, pulpits, earth moving machinery or control rooms; basically wherever cool filtered air, free of dust, odour and fumes required. The units are designed for areas where normal air conditioner cannot function for example in the steel industry, chemical plants, aluminium mills, foundry industry , waste industry etc.

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