MACROburn Incinerators in South Africa

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MACRO burn Incinerators are your solution to most waste management problems involving solid, liquid or gaseous waste. Simple design and few mechanical parts combine to produce the overall appeal and reliability that MACROburn offers.

MACROburn Incinerators are manufactured utilising the high standard of technology that has been developed through many years of experience in building tough, rugged, economical, reliable and smokeless incinerators. No complex installation or refractory work is necessary on site and operation can be carried out by unskilled labour. Combustion is fully automatic, making the incinerator smokeless and odour-free.

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Chimneys and Flues for MACROburn Incinerators

MACROburn Incinerators operate best with top mounted, natural draught chimneys. We recommend the use of 3CR12 corrosion resisting steel. Although mild steel is quite adequate, it will require more maintenance. Such chimneys do not require refractory lining or insulation. Mechanically induced draught systems can be used and are generally necessary If the incinerator is to be fitted with scrubbers or dry filters. Accurate draught control is essential. MACROtech manufacture sensors and control dampers specifically designed for these applications

Auxilary Fuel and Burners

The efficient incineration of most wastes requires the addition of heat for drying and ignition of the waste and for smoke elimination. MACROburn Incinerators can be fitted with burners for light fuel oil (diesel), towns gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas or, in some instances for furnace oil and other fuels. They can also be fired by coal or wood where permitted by local air pollution authorities.

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