Manufacturer of MACROburn Cremators in South Africa

MACROburn Cremators are manufactured utilising the high standard of technology that has been developed for MACROburn Incinerators. Many years of experience in building tough, rugged, economical, reliable and smokeless incinerators have enabled MACROtech to design cremators that provide outstanding performance and have an exceptional life-span.

The MACROburn Cremator has a primary chamber and a secondary combustion zone consisting of a mixing chamber and a final combustion chamber. The chimney is mounted off centre, over the final combustion chamber. The primary combustion chamber has two hearths, upper and lower.

The coffin is placed on the Upper Hearth. After the highly combustible components of the coffin and cadaver have burnt away, the remains are raked down onto the lower hearth, where the remainder of the combustion takes place. A second coffin can be placed on the Upper Hearth while the remains of the first cremation are burning out on the lower hearth.

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