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MACROCeramic Filtration

The principle of the MACROCeramic filter is very similar to that of the conventional reverse pulse bag filter.

The fabric bags in the conventional filter are subject to temperature limitations (approx. 200°C), to sparks causing hole in the bags as a result of localised burning and to mechanical wear and tare.

In the MACROCeramic filter the bags are replaced with rigid ceramic filter elements that are capable of withstanding temperatures higher than 1000°C. MACROtech places a general temperature limitation of 600°C on the filters as a whole. This is due to design considerations relating to other materials used and to expansion and contraction allowances. None the less, the 1000°C resistance of the elements is of great benefit in ensuring that sparks do not burn holes through the filter medium.

MACROsave Recouperators

When economically viable, MACROsave Recouperators are built to suit customer’s requirements for recovering energy in the form of hot water or air or steam from the gasses leaving the incinerator (Note that most MACROburn incinerators also incorporate recuperative systems to preheat combustion air.)


The MACROburn Flame Intensifier is a recuperative system for providing greatly improved combustion efficiency and enormous fuel savings. Fuel consumption is reduced to as little as 25% of the fuel used by other incinerators. In addition, the hotter, cleaner flame produces less unburnt carbon and less smoke. The smaller flame requires less combustion volume and the incinerator capacity is increased by 10 to 20 %.


MACROtech have developed screw feeders, hydraulic rams, atomising sprays and blowers to feed everything from fine dusts or liquids to whole oxen. Automated feed controls provide improved combustion, reduced fuel consumption and lower emission levels. We can provide the system that best suits your requirements.

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