Saubatech incinerators can recover gold

With over 40 years of experience in incineration technology, Saubatech can now offer a solution not only to the mining industry’s waste problem but also assist in Gold recovery from carbon.

Through various major modifications to the standard incinerator and the use of highly sophisticated filtration units, gold can be recovered in the ash. This is a huge benefit to large gold mining houses, which waste gold in their “refuse”, says Andreas Thieme, director at Saubatech.

“We have found a huge increase in the demand of incinerators to mines as the gold price increases dramatically.

Most of these specialised incinerators have been shipped into Africa, but there is one unit in the USA. The incinerator

can also be used to take care of general mine waste, which often includes hazardous refuse.

Saubatech, a specialist in incineration technology, can burn almost any waste, no matter its consistency – solid, liquid or gaseous.

“With the help of filtration units, dosing equipment and online monitoring, customers can control their waste burning to meet almost any emission standard worldwide,” says Thieme.

The system automatically regulates and deflects the heat and air supplies to control the combustion rate of the

materials inside the incinerator, he says. The incinerators are locally designed and manufactured. Saubatech makes smaller, mobile incinerators for clinics that do not use fuel but are powered by electricity. These are commonly sold to rural clinics, and the company has sold some smaller incinerators to Netcare for use in pilot projects in rural clinics.

A project the company worked on for the United Nations included the development and manufacture of incinerators

that can be used in areas where fuel is scarce. The system is designed for use in Haiti, where people can stoke the

fire in the incinerator with any available fuel, such as wood, dry grass and leaves. The company increased the size of the chimney on the model to increase the airflow, meaning that the incinerator can burn less flammable fuels.

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