During the elution process, activated carbon that is deemed too fine for re-use is removed. This fine carbon residue contains on average between 50 to 200 grams of Gold per ton. In the past these carbon fines were discarded, or had to be recovered in chemical plants that cannot achieve industrial scale and had high operating costs.

Due to increased pressure on gold mining firms to increase their recovery yield, they have started to explore recovering gold from these carbon fines. With small changes made to their process to capture all possible carbon from escaping, they are able to easily increase gold recovery.

Our system provides a Reliable and Cost Effective method to recover gold from fine carbon.

Gold Recovery Explained

The Macrotec Gold Recovery from Activated Carbon System has revolutionised the way Gold is recovered from fine activated carbon. The system has had global success, with units operating in South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Mali, and the USA, with projects underway in Asia.

The system utilises a thermal process that burns off the carbon and captures the gold residue in the resultant fly ash, using highly efficient ceramic filters. The entire process is fully automated to increase productivity of the plant.

Our Gold Recovery System

Continuous Operation:Our system operates on a continuous bases, recovering 60/90 kg per hour. This translates into processing 25 to 30 ton carbon per month, allowing for start-up times and maintenance.

High Recovery Rate:With a recovery rate of 93-95%, our system far exceeds other industrial processes, helping mines increase their gold yield.

Return on Investment

DReturn on investment is usually between 8 and 12 months, depending on the Gold concentration in the carbon particles, and daily operating hours, with the unit able to recover 93-95% of Gold content.

With a fast ROI, low operating and maintenance costs, our system has become the gold standard for the industry.

Reliable and Cost Effective method to recover gold from fine carbon – Recovery rate of 93-95%.

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Why Use Our Gold Recovery System

Low Operating Cost:Since the Macrotec system is a thermal process, utilising the heat produced by the fine carbon, it results in very low operating costs, allowing for recovery of Gold in ultra-low concentrations.

Reliability & Maintenance:Low maintenance and high reliability are the most critical features to all Macrotec’s products. A simplified design with few moving parts translates into less maintenance and longer running times.

Environmentally Friendly:With no chemicals used in the process, combustion at a high temperatures, and ceramic filters to remove particulate matter, the process achieves results without compromising the environment.

Recovering gold from fine carbon is efficient and cost-effective with Saubatech’s solutions. Contact us for more information about our gold recovery system today.