MACROburn Cremators are manufactured utilising the high standard of technology that has been developed for MACROburn Incinerators. Many years of experience in building tough, rugged, economical, reliable and smokeless incinerators have enabled MACROtech to design cremators that provide outstanding performance and have an exceptional life-span.

The MACROburn Cremator has a primary chamber and a secondary combustion zone consisting of a mixing chamber and a final combustion chamber. The chimney is mounted off centre, over the final combustion chamber. The primary combustion chamber has two hearths, upper and lower.

Coffin cremator The coffin is placed on the Upper Hearth. After the highly combustible components of the coffin and cadaver have burnt away, the remains are raked down onto the lower hearth, where the remainder of the combustion takes place. A second coffin can be placed on the Upper Hearth while the remains of the first cremation are burning out on the lower hearth.

Cremation Explained

Cremators are used for the combustion of dead bodies to form flue gas, ash, mineral fragments, and heat. Cremation is normally part of a funeral or post-funeral rite, as an alternative to complete burial. Cremated remains poses no health risk, and is either buried at cemeteries, interred in memorial sites, or scattered

With many religions having strict rules on cremation, the popularity of cremation differs greatly between communities and countries. Cremation has also been advocated for public health reasons, due to the demising area for cemeteries, and environmental concerns.

Our Cremators

Macroburn designs and manufactures equipment with Reliability in mind. We understand that you’re most important requirement is minimum downtime, and thus we strive to ensure our machines require less maintenance, that is easy to perform, with extremely high Reliability of all parts

MacroBurn Cremators utilize a three chamber process, with the coffin being placed in the Primary Chamber where highly combustible components are burnt away. Gasses pass through a Secondary Chamber, with a high degree of turbulence for ideal mixing, completing the burnout and eliminating entrained smoke and other combustible particles. A long residency time of over 2 seconds in the secondary chamber ensures complete combustion. A third chamber is located beneath the primary chamber, where all liquid waste is burned away.

Our Cremators are designed with automatic control of air and combustion rate, which will prevent excessive burning and conversely increase combustion when the burning rate is too low, with temperatures regulated between 850°C and 1,000°C. For maximum automation, our PLC system can be installed that fully automates all functionality, and allows for remote monitoring and alarms of all parameters.

Cremation with Fitration

Due to the increasing concern of emissions and the impact people have on the environment, Macrotec has designed Cremators with Filtration to help improve the environment we live in. Our solution provides a way to dispose of waste while negating harmful emissions, complying with South African regulations:

CO: Carbon Monoxide is reduced the by controlling the rate of combustion and ensuring complete combustion. This is achieved using a 2 chamber process with temperatures between 850°C and 1,000°C, high turbulence and long retention times.

NOx: Oxides of Nitrogen are reduces using modern burners and controlling input of air and temperature to ensure low NOx formation. Residue NOx is removed by the gas scrubber.

Heavy Metals and Dioxins: Heavy metals, along with Dioxins and Furans are scrubbed from flue gasses using an adsorbent. A dry scrubber is used, resulting in no water use and no impact on the environment.

Particle Matter: Particle matter is removed using a Ceramic Filtration Plant, which removes over 98% of particle matter.

Designed and manufactured for low Emissions and high Reliability, achieving industry leading low emissions.

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Why Use Our Incinerators

Lowest Emissions: Our Cremators are designed to reduce emissions by controlling the rate of combustion in a three chamber process and by capturing Particulate Matter in a settling chamber, resulting in industry leading low emissions.

Highest Quality: Macroburn is certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, and strive to achieve the highest quality products and services. Our Incinerators are designed to operate in the most harsh conditions, with few moving parts and minimal maintenance required, making MacroBurn Incinerators extremely reliable.

Filtration to EU standards: Macroburn Cremators with Filtration are designed for the absolute minimal emissions while maintaining reliability and Engineering Simplicity.