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Full spectrum waste management solutions

Saubatech (Pty) Ltd supplies environmentally compliant, high-quality waste management, crematorium and incineration plants, waste gas flares, ceramic filtration units, gold recovery systems, and waste-to-energy systems.

We supply the most efficient, robust incinerators in South Africa, Sub-Sahara, and around the world marketplaces. Our incineration machines are renowned for their strength, reliability & longevity.

  • General Waste Incineration

  • Specialists Incinerators

  • Medical Incinerators


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Our specialist services

Our products are specifically designed to be at the forefront of our product development for all general, medical, and municipal waste streams.

Further to supplying a range of standard models, we have developed a specialized service for other markets and their requirements thus ensuring we cater to the needs of this evolving industry.

Waste, medical, municipality, and gold-recovering incineration specialists.

Our services specialise in offering standard and specialist incinerators for a broad spectrum of waste streams.


Our incineration methods provide you with a clean, safe, and bio-secure process for disposing of your waste.

Ceramic Hot Gas Filtration

Our products are proudly made in South Africa and supplied to a wide range of clients across Africa and the globe.

What are the waste disposal challenges?

Saubatech can assist with all universal incineration requirements.  Incineration is the most efficient way of removing waste and we have been manufacturing the highest-quality incinerators for over 40 years.

Efficiency whilst saving the planet!

International machinery standards

We supply, install and maintain state-of-the-art thermal technology equipment to meet any sector need. Saubatech has developed robust and reliable units for every type of waste disposal required. We are a major supplier of incinerators, ceramic filtration units, waste gas flares, and gold recovery units.

Full spectrum waste disposal solutions

Our clients include mines, abattoirs, hospitals, medical clinics, hotels and resorts, crematoriums, schools and institutions, paper manufacturers, glass works, municipalities, sewage plants, landfill sites, veterinary clinics, and much more.

We service projects of any size

We offer waste solutions for projects of any size. Our units come in a range of capacities, able to burn from 23kg/h to 1000kg/h. We also offer waste-to-energy technology, enabling our clients to divert excess heat from their incineration plants to create electricity or provide hot water.

Saubatech units comply with worldwide incinerator & emission standards

Saubatech incinerators are designed to reduce emissions by controlling the rate of combustion in a three-chamber process and by capturing particulate matter in a settling chamber, resulting in industry-leading low emissions. Our filtration systems are designed for absolute minimal emissions while maintaining maximum reliability and engineering simplicity. 

Gold and precious metals recovery solutions

Saubatech processes materials containing gold and other PGM metals. Various manufacturing procedures & materials from partial refiners are our main sources of input material for treatment, and refining, and that require incineration.

“Together with our principals, we established the Macroburn brand and we will continue to grow with them to supply high quality waste management systems.”

Andreas Thieme, Saubatech MD

We are perfectly satisfied with the Macroburn Incinerators and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.” The South African Reserve Bank

The South African Reserve Bank

“We have and continue to benefit from very outstanding and quality technical expertise and back up services rendered by Saubatech (Pty) Limited.”

Abel Investments, Zambia


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Our incinerators and facilities comply with the ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.

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Phone: +27 82 457 6858 / Email: andreas@saubatech.com