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Offering a wide range of ceramic hot gas filtration services in South Africa

Ceramic hot gas filtration plants are appropriate for multiple industries.

Does your incineration plant have to lower its emission levels?

Our ceramic hot gas filters are used in incineration units and in biomass boilers, removing particulate to below 5 mg/m³. This is achieved through our dry gas scrubbing which removes acid gasses, dioxins, and heavy metals.

Saubatech can assist your company to lower its emission levels, ensuring that you comply with the global emission regulation standard.
  • General Waste Incineration

  • Specialists Incinerators

  • Medical Incinerators


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Global emision standards solution

The majority of industrial waste management processes produce emissions, which are hazardous to your health and pollute the environment.

Most countries have instituted regulations that limit hazardous emissions, requiring these gasses to be filtered. These gasses reach several hundred degrees in temperature, which conventional bag-type filters cannot accommodate. This leaves ceramic hot gas filtration as the only reliable long-term solution.

Particulate Matter often consists of fine particles (PM 2.5), which are extremely harmful to people. PM 2.5 is able to pass through many conventional filters, with ceramic hot gas filtration offering the only reliable method of capturing hazardous waste emissions. Dry gas scrubbers are used in conjunction with ceramic filters, to either adsorb or neutralize other harmful products, such as hydrogen chloride (HCl), sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen fluoride (HF), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg) and dioxins.

Our ceramic filtration units work by drawing the flue gas through hollow ceramic filter elements, capturing particles on the filter wall. The structure of the filter elements is so fine, that it successfully captures PM 2.5.

The filter unit is split into “dirty” and “clean” compartments, with the flue gas entering on the “dirty” side and particulate matter being captured by the filter element. Clean air then passes from the filter element into the “clean side” and out to the stack.

The filter elements are periodically cleaned. Reverse pulse cleaning makes use of compressed air, allowing the built-up particles to be discharged into a collection bin.


Our services specialize in offering standard and specialist incinerators for a broad spectrum of waste streams.


Our incineration methods provide you with a clean, safe, and bio-secure process for disposing of your waste.

Ceramic Hot Gas Filtration

Our products are proudly made in South Africa and supplied to a wide range of clients across Africa and the globe.

Features & Benefits of Saubatech ceramic hot gas filtration

Saubatech can assist with all universal incineration requirements.  Incineration is the most efficient way of removing waste and we have been manufacturing the highest-quality incinerators for over 40 years.

Efficiency whilst saving the planet!


Features of our hot gas filtration and the engineering involved

Widely Applicable

Widely Applicable

Our hot gas filtration plants are useful for multiple applications, across various industries. Typical uses include:

  • Incineration
  • Cremation
  • Gasification & Pyrolysis
  • Biomass Combustion
  • Nuclear Waste Processing
  • Mineral Processing and Smelting
  • Coal Drying
  • Cement Production
  • Foundry Processes
  • Waste-to-Energy

Ceramic Filtration

Due to the increasing concern about emissions and the impact people have on the environment, we have designed incinerator plants to help improve the environment we live in. Our filtration systems are designed to EU and USA standards of absolute lowest emissions and achieve the removal of 98% of particle matter.

Dry Gas Scrubbing

Designed with gas scrubbing in mind, our hot gas filters effortlessly incorporate sodium bicarbonate and activated carbon scrubbing. This is used to neutralise acid gasses (namely: HCL, HF, SO2), whilst adsorbing dioxins and heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

Our hot gas filtration units are further designed for optimal performance of sodium bicarbonate for its effective range of 140°C to 450°C. Operating at higher velocities ensures that there is no additional need for reaction towers, or other ancillary equipment required for effective dry scrubbing. Filters are modelled using CFD software to ensure even distribution and retention of the scrubber.

Making use of dry gas scrubbing, at temperatures above 400°, prevent the reformation of dioxins. Using bag filters will not achieve this, as it operates between 140°C to 260°C.

Filter Options

We currently provide three different filtration systems. MacroCeramic filters for high temperatures up to 900°C, Glosfume filters for up to 450°C for the lowest emissions, and Glosfume biomass filters.

Standard filter pods range from 3500 to 9800 Am³, with all filters being modular units which can be linked together for extremely large processes. The modular units allow for easier installation, lower transport costs, flexible installation footprint, high redundancy, and easy maintenance.

Saubatech offers upgrade options

If customers require additional features, we can assist with these upgrades to their existing units

The benefits our clients receive

Saubatech incinerators have a long-standing reputation for the highest functionality and reliability. We supply customers in 37 countries across the globe and our market in Africa is expanding rapidly. These are the advantages of our products

We have a range of specialized incineration plants

Saubatech incinerators can be used for a variety of waste removal requirements. From general waste to hotels and resorts waste, medical waste, and mining waste, we can advise on the right solution for your specific needs.

We offer models that are suitable for:

  • General Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Mining Waste
  • Camp Waste
  • Animal Carcasses
  • Contraband
  • Plastic
  • Wastewater
  • Gaseous waste
  • Liquid waste
  • Hotel and Resort waste
Specialized units on offer include mobile and containerized units, sanitary pad incinerators, gold recovery incinerators, and gas and liquid incinerators.

The Saubatech Safe Waste mobile incinerator offers an ideal solution for remote locations where waste needs to be disposed of on-site. In areas with unreliable or no power, it can be powered by a portable generator.

The Safe Waste Turbo 2000VS is our most popular portable incinerator unit. Weighing only 85kgs, this compact mobile unit offers unbeatable performance when it comes to size and economy.

The unit only needs standard 220V or 110V power to operate. It has the capacity to incinerate a wide variety of waste materials at a rate of 20 kg to 40kg’s per hour, making it vastly more cost-effective than larger conventional units.

The Safe Waste unit is also environmentally friendly, being virtually smoke and emission-free.

The Safe Waste unit is suitable for applications in industry and the rural medical sector. It is ideal for disposing of soft medical waste as well as a wide variety of industrial and office waste in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner. The unit requires no additional fuel for complete incineration.

Our pre-installed containerised incinerator is the optimal solution for remote areas or where there is no existing building.

It is shipping legal and extremely easy and cost effective to transport.

Each incinerator is completely pre-installed in a 20ft GP container, including electrical wiring, components, lights, and extractor fans, with only power to be connected and the chimney erected, and minimal civil work required.

Safety is paramount, with the following features included: Fuel supply conforming to BS EN746-2, diesel run-off below burners, and industrial extractor fans. Fuel is supplied from an externally mounted fuel tank which is quickly erected, to ensure safe operating conditions.

Safety features also include a fire valve, a normally closed valve, fire insulation, diesel run-off, and an industrial extraction fan.

In areas with unreliable or no power, units are available with generators also pre-installed as an additional option or Biomass Incinerators can be used where no diesel or gas is available.

Saubatech´s Sanfire sanitary incinerators provide clean, hygienic, and safe disposal of sanitary towels and small medical dressings.

A Sanfire unit is adequate for up to 40 users and can be connected to a single or common flue system. Opening the charging door automatically switches on the heating element for a pre-set incineration time.

The ash residue is simply removed from the lockable drawer.

The robustly-build Sanfire is made of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant sheet steel and has a stainless steel incineration chamber. For long life and trouble-free use, it incorporates a special sheathed wire element and is easily wall-mounted with integral keyhole-slotted lugs.

To ensure that your waste management incineration unit meets the required emission levels, contact us for more information about our ceramic hot gas filtration.

Andreas Thieme, Saubatech MD

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Our incinerators and facilities comply with the ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.

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