Does your organisation require high quality cremators that are reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly?

Saubatech Macrotec Cremators are designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind. We manufacture our cremators to ensure that they are low in emissions, yet high in reliability.

Our cremators are used worldwide by crematoria, funeral homes, cemeteries, animal hospitals and clinics.

They are used for the combustion or cremation of cadavers, that forms part of an end-of-life ritual. Cremation is used as an alternative to complete burial.

During a cremation, the body is burned to form flue gas, ash, mineral fragments (bones) and heat. The ash and mineral fragments are returned to the family, where after it is buried at cemeteries, interred in memorial sites, or scattered. Bones can be crushed in a cremulator to be added to the urn content. This process poses no health risks.

In the process of coffin cremation, the coffin is placed on the upper hearth. After the highly combustible components of the coffin and cadaver have burnt away, the remains are raked down onto the lower hearth, where the remainder of the combustion takes place. A second coffin can be placed on the upper hearth while the remains of the first cremation are burning out on the lower hearth.


with Filtration

The increasing concern of emissions and the impact thereof on the environment is worrying.

Our Cremators with Filtration reduces environmental impact, by disposing of waste while negating harmful emissions. As such complying with South African and International regulations:

CO: Carbon Monoxide is reduced by controlling the rate of combustion and ensuring complete combustion. This is achieved by using a 2-chamber process with temperatures between 850°C and 1,000°C, high turbulence, and long retention times.

NOx: Oxides of Nitrogen is reduced by using modern burners, whilst additionally controlling the input of air and temperature to ensure low NOx formation. Residue NOx is removed by the gas scrubber.

Heavy Metals and Dioxins: Heavy metals, along with Dioxins and Furans are scrubbed from flue gasses using an adsorbent. A dry scrubber is used, resulting in no water usage and no impact on the environment.

Particle Matter: Particle matter is removed using a Ceramic Filtration Plant. This removes over 98% of the particle matter.

Flue Gas

Our cremators incorporate an advanced flue gas re-circulation system.

This system recirculates flue gas from the chimney to the combustion air, which pre-heats the combustion air to improve fuel efficiency and combustion, additionally reducing NOx emissions.

& Insulation

We manufacture our cremators using the highest quality refractory. It offers durability and abrasion resistance, with a cold crushing strength of 110Mpa and a max service temperature of 1,500°C.

Our insulation provides minimal heat losses, with an R‐value of 1.85 – 3.94m²K/W. This ensures maximum fuel efficiency and low outside surface temperatures of the cremator.


Our PLC provides full automation, leaving zero room for operator error.

A large HMI screen displays the status of all the components, allowing for remote monitoring and troubleshooting assistance by Saubatech technicians.


Saubatech Macrotec Cremators are marked by the low emission status we consistently achieve. This is achieved by carefully controlling combustion and settling of particulate matter through:

  • High temperature combustion
  • Combustion air system design and control
  • Reaction kinetics modelling
  • CFD modelled settling chamber
  • No water usage
  • Zero impact on the environment.

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