Gallery showcase of all our cremators, incinerators and hot gas filtration systems

Cremator Model No: W150

Medical Waste Incinerator/Model: V500 with Filtration

Incinerator Model: V32

Incinerator Model: V70

Incinerator Model: V100

Containerized Incinerator Model: V100

  • V100 containerized
  • V100 containerized

Containerized Incinerator Model: V150

Incinerator Model: V220

  • V220 with manual feeder

Incinerator Model: V330

Incinerator Model: V500

Mobile Incinerator Model: Turbo 2000

Liquid Incinerator

Sanitary Pad Incinerator

Waste Gas Flare

Gas Incinerator

Gold Recovery Plant Model: C100

Hot Water Vessel

Flame Arrestors

Incinerator Model: V23

Testing Flares

  • V23

Features & Benefits of Saubatech ceramic hot gas filtration

Saubatech can assist with all universal incineration requirements.  Incineration is the most efficient way of removing waste and we have been manufacturing the highest-quality incinerators for over 40 years.

Efficiency whilst saving the planet!

Together with our principals, we established the Macroburn brand and we will continue to grow with them to supply high quality waste management systems.

Andreas Thieme, Saubatech MD



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Our incinerators and facilities comply with the ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.

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