Mobile Incinerators


This compact, mobile unit offers unbeatable performance when it comes to size and economy. The unit only needs standard 220V or 110V power to operate. It has the capacity to incinerate a wide variety of waste materials at a rate of 20kg’s per hour making it vastly more cost effective than larger conventional units. The Safe Waste unit is also environmentally friendly being virtually smoke and emission-free.

The Unit is robust and carries a 12-month guarantee operating under normal working conditions. Operation is simple and safe and requires minimal training for the operator. We also supply disposable boxes that fit into the Safe Waste unit for easy incineration.


Safe Waste incinerators are suitable for a number of important applications in industry and the medical sector. Being mobile gives the Safe Waste unit an important advantage over conventional incinerators. It reduces the need to handle and transport medical waste because it can be incinerated on site. The Safe Waste unit is ideal for disposing of soft medical waste as well as a wide variety of industrial and office waste in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner. The unit requires no additional fuel for complete incineration.


Safe Waste boxes and/or red medical waste bags can be loaded directly into the Safe Waste for incineration. All disposal boxes (HB01, SW01 & SW02) can be disposed of directly into the Safe Waste unit. Plastic bags can also be used to load the waste into the Safe Waste unit. The waste is reduced to ± 5% of the original volume.

The uniquely designed, SW01 – SW02 boxes with non-return flap, double wall with plastic liner. Four SW01 boxes will fit into the Safe Waste per burn, SWOT & SW02 Disposal boxes with liners. All boxes come flat packed easy transport. Boxes can be customised on request.

DANGER: Needles and syringes, when incinerated in a medical waste incinerator DO NOT incinerate the steel shaft of the needle, as this makes the ash very dangerous to handle. The HNI system resolves this problem by first incinerating the needles and then the syringe and soft waste can be incinerated in the life waste system. The ash can be disposed of in the normal waste. Incinerating the needle after use stops the chance of theft and re-use.


Our services specialize in offering standard and specialist incinerators for a broad spectrum of waste streams.


Our incineration methods provide you with a clean, safe, and bio-secure process for disposing of your waste.

Ceramic Hot Gas Filtration

Our products are proudly made in South Africa and supplied to a wide range of clients across Africa and the globe.


Sanfire sanitary incinerators provide clean, hygienic, and safe disposal of sanitary towels and small medical dressings.

A Sanfire unit is adequate for up to 40 users and can be connected to a single or common flue system. Opening the charging door automatically switches on the heating element for a pre-set incineration time. Ash residue is simply removed from the lockable drawer.

The robustly-build Sanfire is made of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant sheet steel and has a stainless-steel incineration chamber. For long life and trouble-free use, it incorporates a special sheathed wire element, and is easily wall-mounted with the integral keyhole-slotted lugs.


Sanfire incinerators should be mounted with the top of the unit approximately 1.2 m from ground level. A metal flue system is recommended and should be at least 2.7 m in length to minimise the possibility of back draughts. Regular flue cleaning is essential, and suitable access should be provided. If the room in which the unit is to be sited also has an extract fan system, care must be taken to ensure that this does not pull fumes back down the flue.

  • Safe, clean and hygienic
  • Automatic operation
  • Heavy-duty corrosion resistant steel case
  • Stainless steel incineration chamber
  • Low surface temperature case
  • Special sheathed wire element
  • Power-on neon indicator
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for disposal of sanitary towels and small medical dressings
  • Finished in Crisp White


Ceramic fibre was developed as an extremely cost-effective high temperature insulation product, which is asbestos free.

Ceramic fibre is a superb insulation material with excellent thermal conductivity values, but it has very little mechanical strength and it is best to ask a proper ceramic fibre consultant if the application suits the product. The thermal insulation is achieved by the large-scale encapsulation of air within the ceramic fibre. The surface area of solid material in contact with the cold face is minimized which further improves the thermal insulation properties for temperatures up to 1600C.

  • Tensile strength – The blanket used in linings must have adequate tensile strength so that the product itself does not delaminate or tear from its fixtures.
  • Compressive strength – The integrity of linings such as module linings relies on compressive strength and rebound.
  • Density – Contrary to “hard” refractories such as castables and bricks, the higher the density of ceramic fibre, the higher the thermal resistance.
  • High temperature resistance – Blankets are used at temperatures up to 1430C continuous rating. In special circumstances, blankets are available up to 1600C but tend to be very expensive.
  • Shrinkage – shrinkage values must be low enough to be catered for by the design of the lining system.
  • Shot content – this factor must be minimized to improve thermal resistance.

Flame traps and waste gas flares


We are pleased to introduce the revolutionary MACROblaze range of flame arrestors and tank vents, designed in South Africa for all applications.



  • Flame arrestors have built-in as standard an automatic shut-off valve which closes when a fusible plug in the outlet side reaches an unsafe temperature.
  • Flame arrestors are designed to absorb the direct blast of an explosion.
  • Tank vents are adaptable from simple units to combined flame arrestors with vacuum pressure relief valve.
  • All items are of simple robust construction – easily removed for maintenance purposes.

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